Strategic Direction and Annual Reports

Working together for better mental health and wellbeing

About Us

We partner with our clients in individualised holistic recovery that provides individual outcomes in:

  1. regaining autonomy
  2. mental health self-management
  3. social inclusion.

Through evidence based interventions and joined up support, across a range of inter-professional approaches and community based programs, with the choice to involve carers and families.

  1. We innovate in the development and implementation of a framework of evidence based practice
  2. We are a sustainable organisation.

Our Strategic Themes

Our strategic themes underpin our goals and guide our strategies and activities:

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration and partnerships
  3. Innovation and evidenced based practice
  4. Responsiveness and accessibility
  5. Sustainability and organisational efficiency

Our Strategic Goals

  1. within Australia will grow its business
  2. within Australia will strengthen its business
  3. within Australia will deliver quality, evidence-based services across the age range to people with mental health problems, their carers and families and to people with chronic conditions

Click below to download a summary of our Strategic Directions and Annual Reports:

  1. Strategic Goals and Directions 2015-2018
  2. Annual Report 2013
  3. Annual Report 2014
  4. Annual Report 2015
  5. Annual Report 2016
  6. Annual Report 2017
  7. Annual Report 2018
  8. Annual Report 2020