The Optimal Health Program

"The optimal health program! what an incredible honour it is to write something small about a program that has helped me in a lot of different ways"

The Optimal Health Program is a systematic therapeutic framework for working with individuals in order to help them achieve optimal health outcomes, a balance of physical, psychological and social health and wellbeing. The program helps participants to understand the factors that have an impact on their mental health and develop the skills they need to achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Optimal Health Program aims to empower and place participants in control by shifting the focus from ‘illness’ to ‘health’ and from being ‘dependent’ on to being ‘supported by’ services.

The Optimal Health Program has three core components:
  1. Education – the factors that influence mental health

  2. Coping Strategies – actions and strategies that are effective in helping manage and reduce stress

  3. Skills Development – a range of skills, tools and techniques that help manage stress and achieve long term optimal health.

The program is generally delivered in a group setting, but can also be delivered individually, over eight or nine weekly sessions.

"As a within Australia client I have had the opportunity to undertake many optimal health classes. Over this time I have been able to gain a good knowledge of the program and it’s benefits; each time I have gained something new and am now capable of noticing my signs of becoming unwell and am able to use my coping strategies and the mental health knowledge learnt in this class. For those considering being part of this very beneficial program I highly recommend it, I believe everyone can and will get something out of the Optimal Health Program.”

The Optimal Health Program, formerly known as Collaborative Therapy, (Gilbert, M., Miller, K., Berk, L., Ho, V., & Castle, D. (2003) Australasian Psychiatry, 11, 220 – 224) was developed by the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria. within Australia has been delivering the Optimal Health Program since 2006.

For more information contact within Australia on 1300 737 412

Download a copy of the Optimal Health Program leaflet:

Optimal Health Program