Action Over Inertia

The Action Over Inertia Program supports individuals in overcoming the barriers preventing them from deriving meaning and enjoyment from the wide range of activities that make up their daily life.

Action Over Inertia utilises a collaborative approach based on occupational therapy techniques. Delivered in hourly sessions over a ten week period the program explores the various dimensions of activity engagement (balance, physical activity, structure & routine, the experience of meaning and purpose, satisfaction with activities, social interaction through activities, access to community environments) and assists participants plan for change  by focusing on active ‘doing’ as a means of gaining momentum towards meaningful participation.

“Action Over Inertia helped me understand how my daily activities can affect my overall health & wellbeing”

The program recognises that whilst living with a mental illness is challenging, it should not prevent an individual from leading a fulfilling life and engaging in a variety of meaningful activities the benefits of which include:

  1. expressing goals and values

  2. increasing skills or knowledge

  3. improving mental and physical wellbeing

  4. engaging in social interaction

  5. connecting with community

  6. expressing creativity. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and found it enlightening…I liked having to evaluate my daily activities and to rethink about how I spend my time”

The Action Over Inertia program was developed from the Action Over Inertia workbook by Terry Krupa et al. (2010) with permission from Queens University in Canada. The program utilises the concepts and principles as part of an effective group program for clients of within Australia.

For more information contact within Australia on 1300 737 412

Download a copy of the Action Over Inertia Leaflet:

Action Over Inertia

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